Some useful docs for Small(<100) size IT Service Firm

Providing SME Consultancy

The document below will help to plan CXO expertise as time based consultancy. Lot of SMEs can’t hire CXOs fulltime and they will benefit if CXO expertise is offered as consultancy

Building your company brochure

A neat company brochure which covers your company’s expertise and achievements in only few pages comes in handy. I am sharing one for reference.

Taking Upskilling contracts

Companies recruits fresh graduates and post graduates, who have limited technical and operational experience in IT Software.
These resources try to get themselves trained by various discreet and spread-out means, with most of them being ineffective.

Any training or coaching institute is mainly providing theoretical knowledge.
An organization is needed, which can fill this gap by providing a mix of class-room training, problem solving, live issues resolution and production support
Providing an opportunity to work on real products while they are being trained on interview cracking skills until they are well placed.
Here a Small It Services ZFirm can play major role.

Providing DIgital Marketing support

Small IT Firms can provide Digital Marketing support to SMEs who can’t hire in-house marketing team. Sharing some docs which can help in this effort.

A quick Consultancy Contract

On boarding and Off boarding individual Consultants is one big must have for SMEs. Sharing below a Consultancy agreement Contract

Running a Gurukul kind Set-Up in Remote area

Running a Gurukul which grooms poor students of far remote areas and enhances their skills to win in Competitive exams. A template for that .

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