Building, assisting SMEs .  Coaching, Training and building Value

We handle their Technology and early stage Marketing  Pain Points. We optimize their Operations to minimize the cost.

We utilize highly skilled teams, latest tools and methods to implement and achieve the goal in shortest possible time and return of investment for our Partners. Protect their investment by performing periodic evaluation to check that the process and technologies are giving expected returns or not.

Boosting Start-Up India : Incubators,Start-Ups,Team building,Take-Overs,Exits

Startup-Pitamah Team have been Veterans of Start-Ups, Seeing few of them growing to SMEs and few to Multi National,Multicultural Giants. Startup-Pitamah  involves with its Clients and Partners in the complete Start-Up Cycle and  the Product Life-cycle Management. You just have to Hand-Over your worries to us.


Innovations in Agriculture

We believe that India could be the next Israel in agriculture and dense in terms of Innovations and increasing productivity per acre. India faces same issues as Israel of having huge population in small land. This will be mother of lots of innovations in agriculture if channeled properly. Startup-Pitamah intends to be an accelerator in this field.