Ram Janmabhoomi (literally, “Rama’s birthplace”) at Ayodhya is the name given to the site that is hypothesized to be the birthplace of Rama, believed to be the seventh avatar of the Hindu deity Vishnu. The Ramayana states that the location of Rama’s birthplace is on the banks of the Sarayu river in a city called “Ayodhya”.

The five judges Supreme Court bench heard the title dispute cases from August to October 2019.[2][3] On 9 November 2019, the Supreme Court ordered the land to be handed over to a trust to build the Hindu temple.

Bhoomi Poojan by Prime Minister Modi

There, in an hours-long grand ceremony televised to adoring millions, Modi performed a bhoomi poojan (worship of the Earth) and laid a 40-kilogram (88 pounds) silver brick into the foundation of a future temple to the Hindu god Rama,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the construction of Ram temple will not only add to Ayodhya’s grandeur but will also change the entire economy of the region after laying the foundation stone in accordance with the ‘muhurat’ or auspicious time.

The ceremony was performed by priests chanting Sanskrit shlokas under a giant marquee decorated in shades of reds and yellows as Modi and other dignitaries, all in masks, maintained social distancing.

Bhajans and shlokas’ were heard as the town, festooned with marigold flowers and yellow and saffron flags, celebrated the beginning of the construction of a grand Ram temple. Roads leading to Ayodhya were adorned with hoardings of the proposed temple and of Ram Lalla, the infant Ram, the deity now housed in a makeshift temple. Most shops were painted in bright yellow

“Every heart is illuminated; it is an emotional moment for the entire country… A long wait ends today… A grand temple will now be built for our Ram Lalla who had been living under a tent for many years,” Prime Minister Modi said at foundation stone-laying ceremony of the Ram temple.

Personal Note:

This was last Temple i visited with my Mother in 2011. But couldnt go inside as too many Restrictions and pressed with time. Hope to go when it is build fully.

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