Organic marketing strategy for mobile games

  1. Audience • Identify your Audience. • Be clear about the people whom you want to download your game. • Visit sites like App Annie, Chartboost, Unity and Gamasutra to understand the market of existing mobile games (similar to your app).
  2. Landing Page • Create a landing page to reach potential users. • Use catchy headline(s) and relevant keywords. • Share meaningful insights with your audience.
  3. Alternative App Stores • Don’t rely on one app store. • Upload the apk file to more than one app store. • It will help you reach a mass audience
  4. Social Media Marketing • Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and update them daily with quality posts. • Include # tag sign in your post, as it gives better visibility. • Create a teaser of your app (including gameplay) and launch it on social media, including YouTube.
  5. Content Marketing • Blogging An interesting blog always grabs people’s attention. Try to highlight all the important aspects of your game and do not forget to mention how it’s different. • Free PRs PR will help you to market your app and will increase the number of downloads.
  6. Review • Submit your game for review. • Mobile gamers visit such sites to learn and know about newly launched games. • Positive reviews will grab the attention of people, whereas, negative review will help you to make necessary changes.
  7. Additional… • Promote your app on forum sites • Word of mouth – Tell your family and friends about your game. Attend mobile game events and conventions.

Social Media Marketing & Optimization

Content Calendar –

Sharing below the Content and Blogging schedule for whole week.

  • Tournament  ‘Prize Pool’
  • Leader board Prizes
  • Match Schedule
  • OnThisDay                                                                      
  • Player Of the Week (Player with
  • highest points achieved)
  • Top Picks (Players with most credits)

Social Media posts weekly schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3
Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6
Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8
Post 5 Post 7         Post 5

Social Media Platforms targetted – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Blog Section

Following Categories are covered under blog section

  • Match Preview & Review
  • Listicles
  • Weekly Fantasy Points/ Weekly sum-up
  • News

Basic Marketing Hygiene Activities. Must have before marketing $$ spend starts.

  •   Google Business Listing  
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  •   Wikipedia/LinkedIn/Quora account setup
  •   Featuring Application at APK direct Download Websites

      Parallel Scoring App Development (guerrilla)
  •   Videos pushing app download (link building, keyword crawl & guerrilla)
  •   Guest Blogging/Back linking
  •   Association with Coupon/Code websites

Branding Techniques for a Game

  • Make a Promo Video for Your Game
  • Take Advantage Of Mobile Games Promotion Platforms
  • Build a Home for Your Game on the Web
  • Use App Store Optimization
  • Use Social Media
  • Make the Most of Your Game’s Reviews

Sample SWOT Analysis & Action Plan during Bad Times

Presented below is a sample Swot Analysis by Marketing team under Crunch time and what all could be done during those desperate times when Market is down and budgets are not there.

SEO Part: –

1. Alexa rank –  Currently 16,0364

We can use backlink to increase the alexa rankings. The alexa ranking in February was under 1 lakh as the user engagement was very much. To increase again the alexa rankings it will take around 3 months of regular blogging and sharing on social media.

2. BLOG posts – Regular engaging blog posts can further help in engagement and increasing rank. We need 1-2 blogs daily to increase our engagement before the match and the app starts.

3. Rankings on keywords – Rankings is pretty much same for few keywords, but due to no matches it will be constantly decreasing and hence we quickly need to make up for it. Once our app has matches in it, ranking on cricket fantasy will be constant again.

4. Domain Authority and page authority is increased by 2 and 1 respectively. Heavy backlink required from authoritative websites in this coming 3 months to acquire heavy rankings.

What Domain Authority and page authority does is it increases the capability of a webpage and website to rank higher. In short, higher the DA and PA the more competitive we can go with the higher fantasy application.

PAID Marketing

  1. Adwords – Initially, adwords can help us out again in reminding our target audience about we resuming in cricket. Further, in the long run adwords always helps. We can invest very minimum initially and later on boom our per day budget.
  2. Acquiring influencers –  Regaining the influencers can help us out in regaining our engaging users the most. The more influencers we have the more we can then count on a rough calculation of how much expected user we can get in a particular match.

Facebook – Once we start to get desired number of expected users. We can thus further pitch this ads on acquiring other fantasy app users.

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