Following few basics to start an Online Gaming business

  • Get to know the online casino industry.
  • Check out the competition
  • Understand the regulations
  • Choose reliable software providers
  • Select gambling content
  • Get a gaming licence
  • Secure verified methods of payment
  • Create the online casino website
  • Concentrate on marketing and promotion activities

How Much Does It Cost To Open Casino

Pre-Launch expensesAfter-Launch expenses
Company set up5-7%Licence fees5-15%
Licence10-30%Software support10-15%
Software set up30-40%Games providers15-20%

Build Client Interfaces using React. It is the future

If you are into Gaming, client side stick to React. It will be the future and will outlive both Unity and Ionic.

React is midway between Unity(3D and complex Games) and Ionic(mostly html type sites).

So for most of your Gaming Requirements React will cover the need for providing a slick Native Client kind of feel

Build a great common User Area Platform

Gaming is very Dynamic Set-Up. You will merge lot of Start-Ups or partners who have expertise on Game side but not on the Operations side.

How quickly you can merge decides how quickly you will become an Unicor. For this you need to have a comprehensive common player area or Platform to serve your own clients or the vendors who merge their games on your Platform.

Sharing below a list of apis which can be used for building a great gaming Platform.

Integrate Tech and Operations very closely

For a Gaming venture, tech and Ops should be almost married. The most intimate this relationship is, the mor quickly the venture will hyper scale and be profitable.

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