Presenting a single technical test which will help you to recruit across variety of experience in terms of years and programming languages.

Developers at different levels will answer these answers differently and you can find the best match.

It will help you figure out who has just theoretical knowledge,who is faking and who has worked but part of a big team without much Hands-On.


                      Written Test before the Interview

                       (90 minutes)

Please answer following Questions in detail. Time limits given are suggestive but they indicate weightage, you can adjust different sections as per your Wish

Snake and Ladder Game

(40 minutes)

Please choose from following Technologies and then write a 3-4 page write up on how will go on doing the Snake and Ladder Game and handle  the things which are mentioned in Requirements.


  1. JQuery,Angular,React.js or any JavaScript Framework of your Choice
  2. Node.js or Java as Backend Language
  3. MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra or Apache Graph as DB. Single or mix
  4. Redis, Memcache or any preferred Cache by you
  5. Asynchronous Inter System Messaging (JMS etc.)
  6. Client Server, Server DB Communications (REST, Sockets, WebSockets, Polling etc.)

You have to answer each of the Requirements below with appropriate client, server or DB technology involved


  • Main Game : Multiplayer Snake and Ladder Game
    • Multiplayer Game, min 2 Players
    • Graphic representation of Snake and Ladder Board with 1-100 Positions
    • How will you make the Graphic Representation beautiful
    • Snakes and Ladders at appropriate Positions
    • Each Dice Throw and Step Logged at Server
    • Final Results and Prizes Logged at Server
    • All the above parameters like Min Players, Positions, Position of Snake and Ladders and their Head and Tail and Prizes dynamically loadable from Server
    • A Log file to Debug any Issues
  • Operations :  Admin for Multiplayer Snake and Ladder Game
    • Ability to Configure the number of Players and Prizes in a Game
    • Ability to Stop a Game and Inform the Players
    • Ability to see the Game Logs and Move of each Players
    • Ability to Change the Position of Ladders and Snakes before Game start.
    • Ability to change the Start and End of Ladders and Snakes
  • Analytics :
    • How will you see history of what all a player did after login in 1 session, e.g. pages he visited, clicks he did etc.
    • How will you send a Promotional message to a Player?
    • How will you Categorize Players as VIP, Premium, and Rookie etc.

Missing Math Symbols Question

(15 minutes)

Please choose one technology from Java or Node.js and assume that symbols like percentage,*, / or functions like mod etc. not invented.

You can use only “+” or “–“symbols, nothing else.

Please write Programs to find out following

  • 37/5, both Quotient and Reminder
  • Factorial(5)

Day to Day, Operations Question

(35 minutes)

Please answer the following in few lines:

  • Tell us some 5 most Complex Problems or Situations you have handled
  • Tell us some 5 Production Server Exceptions you have handled, how did you caught them and what did you did for them.
  • Tell us some 5 most complex Works, Optimizations or Problems you have solved on the Database side
  • Have you handled any Server Crash, DOS Attacks or Security Threats?
  • Tell us some 5 times you have fought with your Peers, Superiors, Clients, other Departments. What was the reason and how was it resolved?
  • 5 times when Work was abnormal and it affected your personal life commitments? You may have less than 5  or even 0! Please tell us.
  • How do you learn  a new Hot Technology in Market and what is your Thought on using Open Source for your Product.
  • What was the max distance you commuted to your Office and do you prefer taking vacations or multiple short leaves.
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