Keesaragutta Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Siva and his consorts Bhavani and Sivadurga at Keesaragutta in Medchal-Malkajgiri district. It is about 30 km from Hyderabad.It is located on a small hillock.

Mythological story

Legend has it that Sri Rama installed the Siva Lingam here to atone for the sin of killing Ravana, a Brahman. He selected this beautiful valley surrounded by hills and verdant greenery for the purpose and ordered Hanuman to bring a Sivlingam from Varanasi. Hanuman was late in arriving with the Siva lingam and as the auspicious hour was nearing, Lord Siva himself appeared before Sri Rama and presented a Sivilingam for installation. Hence the lingam in the temple is called Swayambhu Linga. It is also called Ramalingeswara as lord Sri Rama had installed the lingam.

Hanuman returned with 101 lingams for selection from Varanasi and felt aggrieved at not having his lingam installed. Hence he threw them all over the area. Even to this day several lingams are found scattered all over the place outside the temple.

To mollify Hanuman, Sri Rama ordained that precedence would be given to him for worship at the temple. He also said that the hillock where the lingam was installed would bear his name kesarigiri that is, Hanuman, the son of Kesari. Over a period of time, it has colloquially transformed and is now known as Keesara and the hill as Keesaragutta. Ever since, the rituals follow the command of Sri Rama.

Personal Note :

Ideal Shri ram Temple where there is no Ram idol to be worshipped ! Ram used to worship Shiva and has blessed Hanuman to be worshipped more than him. Even Ayodhya the main deity is Lord Hanuman.

Here you can feel Lord Mahadev,Ram and Hanuman near you. You start feeling the Hindu Mythology here. How come this temple self protected itself against hostile regimes mesmerizes you.

Pooja Timings

The offering of prayers at the Keesaragutta begins with Suprabhata Seva at 6 am, followed by Mahayana Poorvaka Rudrabhishekam at 6:30am.

Then they perform the   Maha Aarathi at 7:45am after which there are a series of Abhishekams performed from 8am to 12:45pm.

After this they have Archanas and Abhishekams once again from 3pm to 7pm. Nivedana, Aarathi, Mantra Pushpam & Pavalipu Seva is the last offering made to the Lord for the day, starting from 7pm to 7:30pm.

It is a popular belief among the people that those who offer prayers to each and every one of the 101 Shiva Lingams there, is blessed by 330 million gods. To get your share of blessings you have to visit the pious Keesaragutta temple.

Best way to reach Keesaragutta temple

Since it is located in Keesara, Telangana, the nearest bus stop to the temple is Keesara bus station at a distance of 5.2 km. The nearest railway station is Secunderabad Railway Station, located at a distance of 30 km.

Direct buses to the temple are available from Secunderabad Junction. Passengers can also opt for rikshaws and taxis to travel around the temple.
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