Coronil : Ayurveda Power of India

Coronil : Ayurveda Power of India

Scientific description of Coronil

Hate Ramdev but Patanjali team producing the medicines is quite good. e.g Coronil has 3 components,which r fully Scientific :
1) Swasari – Anti Cold,Lung Tonic, Steroid (Shilajit !) . Strong one,Stop it when ur body Heats/Boosts up.
2) Coronil Tablet – Paracetamol, Throat Infection medicine .
3) Anu Taila – Nose & Throat Sanitizing,Anti Bacteria(Gomutra !) ,So that u can breath more. U can use Rogan Badam Shireen or Mustard Oil too ,if u don’t like.

Along with Deep Breathing ,Holding & Exhaling exercise will either prevent or cure Covid faster. Also taking complete Diet will give the needed Protein Shot.

Ayurvedic Medicines do both the task of Vaccine & Cure. Ur body will tell u,when to stop it,when to restart taking it. They will help avoid Complications.

Unfortunately Modi Govt cldnt play upon this Strength of India.Fell in Opposition Trap. Using Ayurved ,they cld have turned Corona to mild Viral Fever & saved Lives, Jobs. . Govt must use (Vaccine+Ayurveda) Strategy to finish it. It will help in handling any future Biological Attack by Enemies.

Ayurveda needs good Marketing

Ramdev is the case of what a Bad Communication can do. His Firm gave Coronil kit to cure or avoid Oxygen stage,

besides he was the only one, who told that “Take deep Breath and hold” is Cure for Corona but cldnt popularize it.Bad Communication !

take deep breath, hold it till SPO2 become 94% . Don’t Pain urself or Boast of longer breath holds. Just till SPO2 becomes 94%. Do it multiple times. When u hold Breath with Chin down, the Stomach Acid rises and hits throat and chest and cleanse it of Virus and heats up body. it’s called Abhyantar Pranayam. It will help to avoid Oxygen stage , without which Covid is normal Viral.

Coronil Kit,Abhyantar Pranayam ,along with Makar Asan and Bhujang Asan(both deep Breathing exercises while lying on the Stomach) will help a lot in avoiding the Oxygen Stage.

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