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Age Discrimination in IT Industry and the Opportunities for U.P

Hiking salaries of Freshers abnormally, just to Phase-Out the Middle Management won’t sustain for long

Having a decent Service Sector exp, I can say this is a big mistake they are doing. Fresher entering at 10-15 lakh expecting 20% hike every year,

No Service Sector can sustain,neither the Fresher, nor the Company gains much,how many Freshers will turn Entrepreneur to benefit the Industry ?? So not good for anything.

Why don’t the Service Sector Grooms its older loyal guys to be more Hands on.They can do Wonders ! and retire gracefully at 50 !

I can myself tell that picking back Coding is very easy for generation who has worked on C !

Setting Retirement age to 50 will solve most of Corporate World Politics in IT Industry

Read the Link below that how Tech or Knowledge Industry will have 45-50 as Retirement age for most of the Executives. Though Corporate won’t accept it but there is a definite bias against aging Employees.

Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age

Knowledge Industry will be a seasonal Job now, People can’t go and settle in Bangalore or Bay Area. So Knowledge Workers will be on par with the Blue Color Laborers in the nature of their Job.

Role Uttar Pradesh can Play in Knowledge Industry & Enabling Remote Working

Uttar Pradesh has distinct advantage to exploit this situation as U.P public is used to migratory nature of Jobs.U.P has all the Infrastructure to support migratory Knowledge-Workers.

People can go and work for few months in Hyderabad,Bangalore,Delhi in Companies and then come back. I have myself done a Job like that for few years.

Tech is not a Cost Center rather an Innovation Center and which pushes all Functions to perform.

Oversupply of Low-Skilled Engineers in Market have got the false notion in few Companies that Tech is just a ‘Cost Center’, but these sort of companies usually don’t Scale-Up.

Uttar Pradesh and specially Lucknow now has good Infrastructure & Network and Bandwidth available to enable Remote Seasonal working for Knowledge Workers. This will be a Win-Win for both IT Industry and the Workers.