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Few Hard Start-Up Tips

On Recruiting Expats

First time I like NR Murthy when he said Service Companies must recruit Americans, only thing will I contend is that if you can’t give an Expat greater than 10% Stake then don’t Recruit him full-time rather

Recruit an American/British as a “Guru”  whom you meet periodically only !

I have engaged American Architects for 4-5 Days only ,multiple times. It proved quite good.

Team Building

Hard Start-Ups should have none of the Big-Bang Team building event.

Rather like true Comrades,they  must have few Vices & be allowed to practice their Vices,daily basis on Job, till it doesn’t affects Work !

Comrades must be allowed to drink,watch videos, talk politics ,gossip etc,etc on job ! Every moment is a Team building Event !

Team should be allowed to Stab each other from front & a little from back  but never feel Cynical of the whole System !.

200% Belief in System needs to be enforced.Conflicts need to be resolved in hard way  only ! coz Comrades must have 0 Conflicts !

Big-Bang Team Building to be done only in stabler Corporate ! You don’t feel Cynical of it. Also we should have more Female Bosses driving this as it then given an extended family kind of feeling.

Getting Deceived by small time Leadership Skills

Unless your Start-Up has Stabilized & you can digest some Nuisance or you yourself want to play Naughty !

Be always wary of  the guy, showing extra Hunger & Greed or Small-Time Leadership , out to surpass others !

“Good Days” come together collectively for all  !  People need not Outgrow each other , till IPO !

These Dynamics become more Complex in Indian Start-Ups .Founders forget that Indians have natural “Munshi”  Skill to Flatter !.

Loop of Head-Count. Someone gets Bonus for increasing it,someone for decreasing it

No compromise on performance, but how come an Organization grow up-to size of 30000, when most Operations/Logistics is outsourced to vendors ?

 Is it that someone gets Bonus showing Head-Count growth,

then someone by cutting it down ? this is what which keeps crippling American Economy every 10-12 yrs !

Should Venture Capitalists Fund only 1-2 Entities so heavily ?

Depends on the country in whose context this is talked about.

Unlike USA, which prefers Giants like Amazon or Wall-Mart, India could have 1000 of small size E Commerce companies due to ‘Multicultural Diversity’.

Its same as TV Channels. For Investors, won’t it be a Prudent Strategy to fund 300 small Start-ups than 1 big Giant ?

In India Utilities like FMCG,Travel etc won’t support Giants for long,

like TV industry, there will be regional strong players.