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Organic Marketing for Gaming product

Organic marketing strategy for mobile games

  1. Audience • Identify your Audience. • Be clear about the people whom you want to download your game. • Visit sites like App Annie, Chartboost, Unity and Gamasutra to understand the market of existing mobile games (similar to your app).
  2. Landing Page • Create a landing page to reach potential users. • Use catchy headline(s) and relevant keywords. • Share meaningful insights with your audience.
  3. Alternative App Stores • Don’t rely on one app store. • Upload the apk file to more than one app store. • It will help you reach a mass audience
  4. Social Media Marketing • Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and update them daily with quality posts. • Include # tag sign in your post, as it gives better visibility. • Create a teaser of your app (including gameplay) and launch it on social media, including YouTube.
  5. Content Marketing • Blogging An interesting blog always grabs people’s attention. Try to highlight all the important aspects of your game and do not forget to mention how it’s different. • Free PRs PR will help you to market your app and will increase the number of downloads.
  6. Review • Submit your game for review. • Mobile gamers visit such sites to learn and know about newly launched games. • Positive reviews will grab the attention of people, whereas, negative review will help you to make necessary changes.
  7. Additional… • Promote your app on forum sites • Word of mouth – Tell your family and friends about your game. Attend mobile game events and conventions.

Social Media Marketing & Optimization

Content Calendar –

Sharing below the Content and Blogging schedule for whole week.

  • Tournament  ‘Prize Pool’
  • Leader board Prizes
  • Match Schedule
  • OnThisDay                                                                      
  • Player Of the Week (Player with
  • highest points achieved)
  • Top Picks (Players with most credits)

Social Media posts weekly schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3 Post 3
Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6 Post 6
Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8 Post 8
Post 5 Post 7         Post 5

Social Media Platforms targetted – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Blog Section

Following Categories are covered under blog section

  • Match Preview & Review
  • Listicles
  • Weekly Fantasy Points/ Weekly sum-up
  • News

Basic Marketing Hygiene Activities. Must have before marketing $$ spend starts.

  •   Google Business Listing  
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  •   Wikipedia/LinkedIn/Quora account setup
  •   Featuring Application at APK direct Download Websites

      Parallel Scoring App Development (guerrilla)
  •   Videos pushing app download (link building, keyword crawl & guerrilla)
  •   Guest Blogging/Back linking
  •   Association with Coupon/Code websites

Branding Techniques for a Game

  • Make a Promo Video for Your Game
  • Take Advantage Of Mobile Games Promotion Platforms
  • Build a Home for Your Game on the Web
  • Use App Store Optimization
  • Use Social Media
  • Make the Most of Your Game’s Reviews