Promote Mechanical Eng for big Jobs generation.

Mechanical/Chemical Engineering Innovations done in WW1 and WW2 !

  • Tanks
  • Flamethrowers
  • Poison Gas
  • Tracer Bullets
  • Interrupter Gear
  • Depth Charges
  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Pilotless Drones
  • Mobile X-Ray Machines
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • The dynamo-powered torch
  • The Jerrycan
  • Pressurised cabins

Mechanical Eng too Died with WW2  ! Not much Innovation after WW2.

Western Countries don’t need it but India desperately do .Most of IIT Grads are turning ultra local Aggregator. What Value they are adding?

Just competing with some ‘Ramu’, ‘Chotu’ in selling things locally ? Ultimately ‘Ramu’ will Hire some Poor Java Developers, build an IT branch of his work  & replace them !

Encouraged by all the hype about how IIT graduates should become employers instead of seeking jobs. Of course very little mention is made of the technical quality of these startups – their copycat nature (you sell tomatoes, so I’ll sell onions), or the dominance of routine app-based service providers, online sellers or aggregators, of whom only a miniscule number have any innovation. 

Have Forced ‘Vanaprastha Ashram’ for IT Industry

Middle-level employees in the Indian IT sector are facing an uncertain future even as the industry gears up to adapt itself to the changes brought about by automation and newer technologies.

“The middle management are the weakest link in the chain,”  . The leaders are meeting clients, so they know about the change in (their) thinking. The bottom most guys adopt easier and learn. It is therefore, this middle management that is most difficult to change.

So best is Govt Retires most IT Professionals max by 50 and make them Work on Mechanical Eng, R&D Projects up-to 75 yrs. Mainly in Defense, Agro-Tech and Infra areas.

India should Lead the 2nd Industrial Revolution.

India missed the first and second Industrial Revolutions in the 19th and early 20th centuries as it was then fodder for colonial industrialisation. It also missed the third technology-driven one, since it came at a time when India’s economic policies were not conducive to technology.

But India should lead the Industrial revolution now.

Mechanical Eng Jobs and R&D can gives longer Careers to the Engineers . India missed the First Industrial Revolution, it did well in IT Revolution, but it should Lead the Second Industrial Revolution.

Defense industry in past has driven the real Mech innovations. For India it must do again.