Health Tips for IT Professionals

Simple Yoga is best for IT Professionals.

For IT Guy, not only such Dance Yoga ! but simple ‘breathing’ exercises with ‘physical movement’ to breath more and exhale more,forward bend & backward bend along with Food Control & Lauki,Karela Juice, Amla ,Chawanprash etc r more effective …. Be in Sun sometime daily.
Indian way of eating heavy Rice-Dal type once in 8 hrs with Max a tea biscuit in between, more effective to control Sugar/Acidity/Gas etc & related issues. Eat Cow Ghee,some sweets, eggs etc for Migraine etc along with Inhaling/holding breath/exhaling exercises.
Hypertension is more complex one. Its a Man thing. It happens coz of Toxic Colleagues,Relatives,Workplace etc . A Man burns like a Cigarette☺️ Patanjali has a good Medicine ‘Muktawati’ . 1 time in 21 days,will be good. Also in Office , learn to Fight,Argue behave like a Women. Become a Man only after Office. Build interests like Politics. Abuse or Praise Modi ji. Will cure Hypertension. l !

Dal-Chawal is the best food to fight Corona

‘Daal-Chawal’ is the most Protein Rich Food. If it suits u, take little Ghee with some Sabzi & Achaar. For Covid19 too, heavy “Rice-Sambhar/Rasam-Achaar” eater Southern states like Telangana/Andhra have lower mortalities Even UP/Bihar(Rice-Daal-Achaar-Aloo) have lower mortality. So it’s Magic Food !Also ‘Daal Chawal’ Code requires only liquid breakfast (Tea/Milk). No Haldiram,Min Snacks,No Munching !Corona Patients on ‘Daal-Chawal’ r getting cured fast. India Farmers,Workers don’t eat Meat but get their energy from ‘Daal-Chawal’Covid & WFH r fixing all bad habits of last 22 yrs. New good habits like Yoga etc coming in. A blessing in disguise !