Startup-Pitamah aims to be a partner in the Journey which India is traversing now.

Startup India is an initiative of the Government of India. India will make up for the loss of not catching up with Industrial Revolution in the 17th Century,  if the Start-Up India and Stand-Up India missions are implemented well.

The campaign was first announced by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during his 15 August 2015 address from the Red Fort, in New Delhi.

The action plan of this initiative, is based on the following three pillars:

  1. Simplification and Hand-holding.
  2. Funding Support and Incentives.
  3. Industry-Academia Partnership and Incubation.

Startup-Pitamah aims to be a partner in the Journey which India is traversing now.

The 3 Areas  in which Startup-Pitamah wants to assist  are :

  1. Building & Assisting Corporates  : Incubators, Coaching, Training & Placement Assistance.
  2. Religious Tourism :  Biggest Job generator for India in future.
  3. Environment: Turning from a pain point to be the biggest job generator.
  4. Defense, Agriculture & Ayurveda :  Promoting next gen tech in Defense & Agriculture. Promoting indigenous Indian Science like Ayurveda.

Boosting Start-Up India : Incubators, Start-Ups, Team Building, Take-Overs, Exits

Startup-Pitamah Team is a Veterans of Start-Ups, Seeing few of them Growing to SMEs and few to Multi National, Multicultural Giants .Startup-Pitamah involves with its Clients and Partners in the Complete Start-Up Cycle and  the Product Life-cycle Management. You just have to Hand-Over your worries to us.

Startup-Pitamah is a professional private business incubator providing an array of integrated services including  (CIO/CTO) Services, Technological solutions, apart from its stronghold as a Technology Investor

For Start Ups that intent to scale and grow into a large, disruptive company that has a significant impact on the existing market and may even be intent on creating new markets, we assist them by means of testing, pivoting and validating innovative hypotheses thus helping them morph from an innovative temporary organization to a more structured one.

Startup-Pitamah will promote Innovative Start-Ups in Technology, Process, Products for Agriculture. India must  become a Leader in Agriculture, Defense. Startup-Pitamah intend to Promote lots of Agro based Start-Ups like Israel. Startup-Pitamah will encourage Pilot Projects in Agriculture .

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We aim to Hand-Hold and Groom the Start-Ups and SMEs  for big Wins in the Corporate World and MNCs. Our Aim is to assist the Start-Ups in long term sustainability of their Businesses, best mutual win for themselves, their employees and Stakeholders. Building Models, Templates and Processes around that. A Partnership with Startup-Pitamah ensure speeding up of the Processes at a very minimal Cost Increment.

Religious Tourism:  Next big job generator for India

Religious tourism, spiritual tourism, sacred tourism, or faith tourism is a type of tourism with two main subtypes: pilgrimage, meaning travel for religious or spiritual purposes, and the viewing of religious monuments and artefacts, a branch of sightseeing.

Religious tourism can be defined as travel with the core motive of experiencing religious forms, or ancillary products such as art, culture, etc. India is an ancient civilization and boasts of rich cultural and religious heritage. Religious tourism is a significant and rapidly growing segment within the tourism industry. It is sometimes referred to as faith tourism, faith-based travel, Christian travel, Muslim travel, or any other religious denomination linked with the words ‘travel’ or ‘tourism’.

India is a land of pilgrimages. India has the unique distinction of being the birth-place of four important religions of the world – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Practically, all religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism , Sikhism and Sufism have their major and minor pilgrimage centers in different parts of the country. Apart from the holy rivers and the teerth sthanas, India also houses the Shakti Peeths, the Jyotirlingas as well as the four sacred shrines of Adi Shankaracharya in the four corners of the country. Some important circuits based on the importance of the religious places can be identified.

We believe that it will be the next big job generator in India. Startup-Pitamah has worked with various partners to promote Religious Tourism in India. India has immense Philosophical and Spiritual Power. It currently remains in heads of few people with an enigma of mystique around it. Startup-Pitamah aims to Institutionalize that Knowledge and Thought Process.

Defense ,Agriculture & Medical Innovations

With the kind of Population India has to defend and the kind of Security Threats it is facing or will face in future, India has to be No 1 Defense Innovator in World. Sadly this was highly ignored in Modern India, a traditional mistake which India keeps doing it with Security.

Startup-Pitamah intends to promote Innovations, reduced costs in Defense Industry . Start-Up Pitamah intends to make Defense related industries a lucrative career for young professionals. It will strive to make the Security Job less Riskier for our Armed Forces. It intends to make our Navy, Army and IAF the best in World. India has to lead the World in 21st century like what USA did in 20th.

e.g India should be able to produce 20000 Tejas jets,30000 Bheesma Tanks,Cannons etc on short notice. Without good Defense Industry base, processes & innovations,  it won’t be possible.

We believe that India could be the next Israel in Agriculture & Defense in terms of Innovations and increasing Productivity per acre. India faces same issues as Israel of having huge population in small land. This will be mother of lots of innovations in agriculture if channeled properly. Startup-Pitamah intends to be an accelerator in this field.

Also Corona has proven the power of  Ayurveda and how Indians have forgotten it and Govt is shy of promoting it.  China Govt does promote its traditional medicines . Startup-Pitamah will help promote Ayurveda, the indigenous Indian Medical Science.

Environment : Turning from a pain point to the biggest job generator

Every reform creates new possibilities and opportunities and so is the case with the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. With the pollution level increasing day by day, there arises the need for environmentalists who could find better solutions. Not just India but almost the entire globe is moving towards the clean energy sources like wind and solar.

The environment has become one of the major concern of government and has created ample opportunities for people in the field of environment management.

All of these efforts will generate a lot of job opportunities for the people in the environment space. The solar energy technician is certainly going to be a leading job in the emerging career fields.

According to the National Resource Defense Council and the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water, India, if it achieves its Solar Power target, could generate one million future jobs in India. There will be close to 200,000 jobs in the wind projects too. This does not include industrial manufacturing jobs. Start-Up Pitamah intends to play greater role in this by Coaching, Training and promoting Environment focused Start-Ups.

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